Make the most of it….

Here is a small collection of the items that made my day brighter and gave me a boost of confidence.

I recently had a baby girl and she’s now 3 months old. Everyday is wonderful but difficult at the same time. Do something that makes you feel good – release endorphins which will give you the power to handle a screaming baby, sleep deprivation and lack of food (babies seem to have a knack of waking up at the exact moment you try to make a snack!).


The one thing I would recommend to anyone who needs a little self-confidence boost is to get up, pluck up some energy and motivate yourself to do some exercise (10 minutes yoga dvd works wonders).

Summer Ready

Summer Ready

Put on your bright summer clothes, your statement jewellery pieces and  head to the park to soak in those sun rays. Put on that silly big hat and mix up those prints…. There are no rules about what you can and cannot wear anymore. Wear what you want! Be loud with your choices or be simple. Either way be yourself and be happy.


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