Photography around India…a mix of emotions.

I’ve put together a collection of photo’s from my trip to india. I recently travelled to Delhi > Chandigar > Manali > Mandi to see my family and along the way i saw incredible beauty, poverty and innovation. For me India can only be described as a cocktail of emotions.

I hope you enjoy!

IMG_2022I stopped at the side of the hills in Himanchal Pradesh, on my way to Manali (the town of hippies) to ask this man if I could take his picture. He was engrossed in his ‘ganja’ and was content with life. Smoking his troubles away. IMG_9207

Found this beauty amongst the hills. How is this even growing with no man-made intervention.IMG_2014

She needed a rest but looked to be in no pain carrying what i can only imagine a weight heavier than gym equiptment . Brave tough lady. IMG_9365

I did not eat this as i tend to become very sick EVERY time i visit India. But it didn’t stop me clicking away! IMG_2007

As he starred at me i thought he was going to get angry that i was taking his picture. He didn’t. He just carried on smoking his marijuana. He wanted no money or no food. He was simply OK.IMG_1361

Buddhist temple up in the hills. IMG_8317

Seems safe. IMG_9208

The definition of ‘street food’. IMG_2020

Just a small monument i came across on my travels. IMG_2011

And we complain about housework! IMG_2021

I bet he has so many stories to tell. I regret not asking. This is by far my favourite picture.IMG_8910

What  a reflection. Taken on my drive up to Manali. IMG_8296

How do you do sir. I wonder what his life is like. IMG_2016

Buddhist temple. The kids were full of energy. I wanted to ask why they were there and where their parents were. IMG_2012

My little cousin. Stretching his legs. I couldn’t resist taking this. The light peeking through was just wow IMG_9205

Should this still be happening? Two little boys shoe cleaning? No. It shouldn’t. IMG_9363

Lord Ganesh. God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings. IMG_2015

Found him walking in the Himalayas. Where and how did he get there??IMG_2009

These women are fearless. IMG_1320

Innovation eh? I was getting my indian suits stitched and when visiting the tailor not only did she manage to have a TV with the loudest Bollywood movies on (where on earth do those cables lead to?!) she also had no front wall to her shop! Not to mention the tailors up in the ceiling. Not too cramped are you? They really know how to maximise space.

I should mention i was also served tea and snacks while waiting. It’s never too shabby a place to be a good host. Only in India. They’re so proud and so they should be.IMG_2013Beauty grew everywhere. Even in the hills. I love this place.


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