Paris – I’m in love!

All i can say is when you head to Paris DON’T just be a tourist. I mean obviously you need to visit all the gorgeous monuments but stay in the heart of Paris, amongst the hustle and bustle. Trust me you’ll enjoy it so much more.IMG_7268


Our hotel ‘Hotel Le Notre Dame St Michel’ was surprisingly affordable and possibly one of the best hotels i’ve ever stayed in! It’s near the Latin Quarter where you’ll find most bars and restaurants, perfect for families or couples. The river Seine is basically the view from the bedroom and the decor and the view of Notre Dame was just breathtaking! (Room 42 in case you’re planning a trip!)




Don’t forget, not only is the metro round the corner (one stop from the airport and one stop to The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee and Sacré-Cœur) but across the bridge you’ll find the night cruise, midnight street dancing , the Louvre, the beautiful Lock Bridge and so so much more. All walking distance away.

The Lock Bridge – There’s just something so romantic and charming about this place. Words or even pictures cannot describe the feeling you have when you throw those keys into the water. The uncertainty of the unknown. it’s just so romantic.


Me 🙂

IMG_0535My Gorgeous hubby xIMG_0639Street musicians

IMG_7740Night cruise

IMG_7519Notre Dame at night

IMG_7715Poor photo i know but hundreds of people gather every night on the bank of the river Seine to drink, chat and unwind. Drink wine and eat baguettes (i know it’s sterotypical but it’s true and it’s amazing).

IMG_7734Midnight Dancing

IMG_7737Close up..there was a mix of all music from r’n’b to salsa. Just incredible.

IMG_7751Eiffel Tower at night

IMG_7320Small beach to satisfy the needs of the Parisian crowds!

IMG_8007Me.. viewing some vintage art, magazine and music.

IMG_7322I wanted everything!

IMG_7341The Louvre

IMG_7402What a ceiling inside the Louvre!


IMG_7421I have never been more DISAPPOINTED with this piece of art. The Mona Lisa. What the hell! It was so small and so far away my camera has zoomed in to take this and it’s still tiny. Not impressed.

IMG_7583Sacré-Cœur – just stunning!

IMG_0643Our selfie collage!

Tip; Buy all your tickets to all attractions when you get there from a shop called FnacThe boat tour was only 9 euros and the Eiffel Tower tour i think we got on the day, we just arrived early. The transfers from the airport to the hotel again was about 9euros, very cheap so don’t fall for buying things in advance you really don’t need to.

If in doubt ask your hotel guide. If you can speak a little french , just the basic Bonjour and Merci will do. You’ll find people will be more inclined to help you if you’re polite and take an interest in the culture and language.

Champs ElyseeLaduree…wow!Having never tasted a macaron before i was blown away! Why did no one ever tell me about this? We queued for 20minutes, bought 2, ate them outside, minds were blown, queued again for 30 minutes and practically bought the entire shop! Worth it!IMG_0616IMG_0625

IMG_7574 If i was given a challenge i would eat it all.

IMG_7614 Arc de Triomphe

IMG_7627 Me and my husband 🙂

IMG_7641 View from the top!  IMG_7784 Couldn’t get enough of this view!

IMG_7812    I love the shadow..

IMG_0644We love a good selfie!



Altrincham Market- Vintage Weekend

Altrincham Market is on every weekend 10-4pm and I cannot believe I have only recently come across this cool quirky place!

Every weekend presents a different theme and this week was my all time favourite…vintage!

I have made a collection of my favourite photographs from the market and even if you go once do it, try it!

Think about it….you can go to  the usual boring pub or shopping centre any day…so try something different!


Always love food from a camper van!IMG_0627-0

Or a street cart!IMG_0631

I want one in every colour!IMG_0632-0


Vintage blazers…love these!IMG_0628-0

All these clocks are handmade , one of a kind from RS Clocks and Watches . The couple who make these are so lovely it was a pleasure meeting them. They guarantee to fix and replace any items bought – a very reassuring touch when buying a product from a marketplace. IMG_0635-0IMG_0637-0


I was dying to buy one of these but £35 for the plant and £45 for the pot was a bit excessive for an outdoor accessory. IMG_0634-0

One day my garden will look like this. Well. Maybe.IMG_0639-0

Now, i had TWO of these. Yes TWO! Who doesn’t like a pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven!



Well i will mot definately be coming back every weekend…why not? There’s plenty to see, plenty to buy and most importantly plenty to eat!